Prenatal Counseling

After more than 30 years and thousands of babies delivered, including dozens of twins and triplets, and even a set of quadruplets, Dr. Paul Thaxton decided to focus his energy on the latest advances in the practice of gynecology. Although we have stopped delivering babies, we offer the best care during the first three months of your pregnancy to ensure a healthy pregnancy before transferring your care to a trusted obstetrician.

From the time pregnancy is first suspected and diagnosed, it may take several weeks before we can confirm that the pregnancy is progressing normally. We’ll see you in our office during the first trimester, nurturing your pregnancy with careful examinations and performing at least one sonogram by a skilled sonographer.

During these early visits you will be weighed, your blood pressure will be monitored, and a urine sample will be tested for sugar and protein. We will also discuss lifestyle, medications, vitamins and genetics.

Standard prenatal lab tests are typically performed at the first prenatal visit. Tests include a complete blood count, blood type and Rh, and antibody screen tests for rubella (the German measles), hepatitis B and syphilis, as well as a urine screen. HIV testing may be performed with your consent. A Pap smear and/or cervical tests for Gonorrhea and Chlamydia may be done as well.

The goal of every pregnant woman and her doctor is the birth of a healthy baby.  Most babies are normal and healthy. However, about three percent of all babies are born with some type of birth (congenital) defect or genetic condition. Prenatal genetic counseling can help you learn whether your baby may be at increased risk for having a genetic disorder or birth defect and assist you in making decision regarding available testing options.

Our goal is to promote a healthy pregnancy through education, early prenatal counseling, appropriate laboratory testing, proper diet and exercise. Since your unborn baby is entirely dependent on you, your health should be your most important consideration for the duration of the pregnancy.  Take advantage of this exciting time in your new baby's life to ask questions and improve your lifestyle wherever possible.

We encourage you to read available prenatal books and literature throughout your pregnancy and bring questions that may arise to each of your prenatal visits.